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Devilishly delicious Salsa

We are a utah-based salsa company, specializing in authentic, Flavorful, and UNFORGETTABLE salsas.
All of our salsas are made in small batches with ingredients sourced from local farmers when seasonal. 
Salsa del diablo was born from the pure love of salsa and is driven by community. 

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Our Story

We started making salsa over 15 years ago out of the sheer love of salsa. Since then we have been improving and refining our recipes. Having lived in Arizona and California, our inspiration is to make authentic, flavorful and unforgettable salsa. We produce small batch salsa that is smoky, sweet, savory and so sensational that customers have described it as drinkable. 


Our Salsas

Our salsas are inspired by our love of community and authenticity. We make all of our salsas in small batches with locally-grown ingredients and with a flair of global cuisines.