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our Story

We started making salsa over 15 years ago out of the sheer love of salsa. Since then we have been improving and refining our recipes. Having lived in Arizona and California, our inspiration is to make authentic, flavorful and unforgettable salsa. We produce small batch salsa that is smoky, sweet, savory and so sensational that customers have described it as drinkable. 

At the Bountiful’s Farmer’s Market last summer and the Salt Lake Winter Market we were reminded of both the humanity and the artistry making authentic food from local farmers. As a result we began partnering with the other vendors and local farmers to produce our salsa.  These partnerships have reinforced the importance of community and doing things local.  It has been like unplugging, taking a step back in time to "the good old days," and truly understanding what community means. 

As we have entered the retail side via the farmer’s market we have met countless other people who share the same passion for food. This shared passion has reminded us that what we are doing is not only right but also important.  Mass produce chemically laden food not only takes the artistry out of the food making process but also removes the humanity from it.  

In addition to loving salsa, we are dedicated to our community and bringing our unique products to the people who live here. We moved to Salt Lake City in 2003 and immediately fell in love with everything Salt Lake had to offer. In addition to loving Salt Lake City we also enjoy outdoors almost as much making salsa.  That being said, we have made the commitment to donate 1% of our profits to adaptive sports in Utah. 

Our hope is to continue to grow this company organically and locally.  We began in one small local farmer's market and have grown completely by word of mouth. Our faithful customers have not only returned each week to buy more salsa but have also promoted us to their friend and families. 

We look forward to inspiring the Park City community with our local, unique, authentic and delicious salsa.